An interesting case of glomus tympanicum

Clinical details:

54 years old female patient came with complaints of:

1. Pulsating noise in her right ear - 5 years
2. Hard of hearing right ear - 5 years

Past history:

No history of trauma to the ear
No history of bleeding from the ear
Pt is not a known diabetic / hypertensive

Clinical examination:

Video otoscopic examination shows:
Pulsations coincide with the heart beat of the patient

All cranial nerves are intact in this patient.



These CT scan images show contrast enhancing soft tissrue lesion occupying the whole of the middle ear cavity. The same mass could be
seen extending on to fill the attic, aditus and mastoid cavity. Tegmen plate appears to be eroded.

Provisional diagnosis:

Glomus tympanicum

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