An interesting case of hemangioma laryngopharynx

Clinical details:

62 years old male patient came with c/o

1. Change in voice - 1 year

2. Difficulty in swallowing - 6 months

3. There was no demonstrable neck swellling / bruits over neck

Videolaryngoscopy showed:

A bluish globular mass occupying the right lateral pharyngeal wall from the level of epiglottis up to the level of right pyriform fossa.
Epiglottis was found to be pushed to the opposite side.

Contrast MRI showed:


Contrast MRI shows enhancing mass in the lateral pharyngeal wall just at the level of epiglottis superiorly and up to the level of glottis


Hemangoimas of neck are commonly asymptomatic and are incidental findings during routine laryngoscopic examinations.
Cavernous hemangiomas are the ones commonly encountered in the neck.
These lesions become symptomatic when they enlarge in size to compromise air / food channels. Ideally these masses
are best treated by surgical excision if feasible / laser excision / sclerotherapy. Administration of systemic / intralesional steriods
have also proven to be beneficial in these patients.

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