An Interesting case of huge laryngocele

Clinical details

38 years old male patient came with c/o swelling right side of neck - 5 years

On examination:

A large soft swelling could be seen occupying the entire portion of right side of neck.
This swelling was compressible. It increased in size on valsalva maneuver
Patient was not in stridor.
Patient did not have any difficulty in swallowing

CT scan neck:


Laryngoceles are air filled sacs usually in continuity with laryngeal air column. This was first described by
Virchow in 1863. These masses were said to be intimately related to the laryngeal ventricle. Usually
they are in continuity with the ventricle. It is of three types:

1. Internal laryngocele - Confined to the interior of larynx
2. External laryngocle - This laryngocele prolapses through a rent in the thyrohyoid membrane and presents usually as a neck mass
3. Combined laryngocele - Both internal and external components of the laryngocele are seen in this type

These patients usually present with:

1. Hoarseness of voice

2. Breathlessness

3. Cough

4. Mass in the neck

You can view the surgical clipping here:

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