Frontoethmoidal Mucocele


68 year old female patient reported to ENT out patient department with

1. C/O swelling left side of forehead - 2 years duration

2. Headache on and off - 2 years

3. Swelling over left eye - 1 1/2 years


Fig. showing preop picture of the patient

The preoperative picture shows the patient having swelling over her left forehead with the left eye pushed downwards and outwards.


1. Vision normal in both eyes

2. Swelling over left forehead, boggy to touch, with bone deficit.

3. Proptosis left eye. Left eye pushed downwards and outwards.

CT scan paranasal sinuses coronal cuts showed:

1. Hyperdense mass involving the left frontal sinus
2. The mass could be seen extending into the anterior cranial fossa with erosion of both anterior and posterior
tables of frontal bone.
3. The left eye could be seen pushed outwards and downwards


Surgical procedure:

Endoscopic surgical decompression was performed in this patient.

Post op picture of the patient:


Advantage of this procedure:

1. Safe to perform
2. Results good
3. No post op scar

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