Growth Pyriform Fossa

This case record is of a patient with malignant growth right pyriform fossa

68 years old male patient came with c/o:

1. Difficulty in swallowing - 2 months

2. Difficulty in breathing - 4 days

He is a known diabetic, smoker and an alcoholic

On examination:

The patient was ill nourished.

Laryngoscopy showed a spherical irregular mass arising from the medial wall of right pyriform fossa
extending up to the post cricoid region. The mass was found to be virtually sitting over the
inlet of the larynx. The vocal cords could not be visualized.


Picture showing the laryngoscopic view of the mass

Video showing laryngoscopy being done

CT scan images from the patient:


Axial ct of neck showing fullness of right pyriform fossa with bowing of the right cord


Axial ct plain neck showing the mass occluding the inlet of larynx


Ct lateral view neck of this patient


1. Tracheostomy was done to secure the airway

2. Ryles tube insertion done for feeding purposes

3. Biopsy taken from the lesion (reported as squamous cell carcinoma moderately differentiated)

4. Irradiation (complete course) given

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