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1. An interesting case of branchial fistula

2. Retropharyngeal abscess

3. Pyriform fossa growth

4. lingual tonsil

5. Papillary carcinoma of left lobe of thyroid with left vocal cord palsy

6. Lymphoma pyriform fossa a rare case presentation

7. A case of vocal fold polyp

8. A case of acute epiglottitis

9. A case of recurrent multiple papilloma of larynx

10. Cyst supraglottic area

11. Mucoepidermoid carcinoma of parotid an interesting case report

12. Tonsillolith an interesting case report

13. Hemangioma parotid gland in an adult an interesting case report

14. Tracheal stenosis management by resection, laryngeal drop and end to end anastomosis

15. Malignant growth tongue role of hemiglossectomy

16. An interesting case of hemangioma laryngopharynx

17. Surgical management of a patient with Bilateral abductor paralysis of vocal cords

18. Interesting case of torus palatinus

19. External laryngocele

20. A rare case of tuberculosis tonsil

21. Lingual thyroid and its management

22. Medialization thyroplasty using Gor-Tex

23. An interesting case of a huge laryngocele

24. Pleomorphic adenoma parotid gland

25. An interesting case of left sided parapharyngeal mass with retropharyngeal extension

26. Surgical management of a patient with puberphonia

27. A large epiglottic cyst causing upper airway obstruction

28. Styloid process syndrome

29. Malignant growth soft palate excision using coblation technology

30. Odontogenic keratocyst of mandible an interesting case report

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