Malignant growth soft palate managed with coblation technology


70 year old male came with complaints of

Mild bleeding from the mouth - 3 months

Change in voice - 2 months

Pain while swallowing - 2 months

On examination

Proliferative mass seen occupying the entire portion of soft palate. Right anterior tonsillar pillar was also involved by the mass.

CT scan of neck showed no enlarged nodes

Biopsy taken and was reported as Well differentiated squamous cell carcinoma.


Clinical photograph of the patient

This patient was taken up for surgery. The entire tumor mass was removed using coblator. Tonsillar wand was used for this purpose.

Video clipping of the surgical procedure:


Post operative photograph of the patient

Patient was subjected to curative dose of irradiation 6 weeks after surgery.


Malignant tumors involving soft palate are usually managed by irradiation, commonly by brachytherapy. Invasion of tongue base is a contraindication for surgery.
In this patient tongue base was not involved. Coblation technology is an useful adjunct to surgeon's armamentorium. It helps in ablating
the tissue with minimal bleeding. Video clipping of the surgical procedure is attached here to demonstrate the usefulness of this technology
in managing these patients. Irradiating these patients after removing the tumor adds to the efficacy of irradiation as the tumor mass
has been reduced drastically by the surgical procedure.

This technology needs to be evaluated further before a last word is uttered about this procedure.

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