Nasolabial cyst

Nasolabial cyst an interesting case

Clinical details:

52 years old female patient came with complaints of swelling over left side of ala of the nose and cheek - 6 years duration.
Swelling gradually increased in size. The increase in size was rather rapid during the past 20 days. There was also pain in the affected area for the past 20 days.
On examination:Swelling was confined to the subcutaneous tissue. It occupied the area of the naso labial fold on the left side. The same mass could be palpated over the buccogingival sulcus on the left side. There was no loosening of teeth.


Clinical photograph of the patient

CT Scan of paranasal sinuses showed soft tissue shadow occupying the nasolabial fold on the left side. There was no bone involvement. The swelling appeared cystic.


Surgical excision was performed under local anesthesia.
Incision was performed using 15 blade in the buccogingival sulcus on the left side.


Picture showing incision being performed

Immediately after incision straw colored fluid started to flow rapidly.


Straw colored fluid seen extruding

The cyst wall was completely extripated and the wound was closed with 3 - 0 chromic catgut.

Video clipping showing nasolabial cyst being extripated

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