Odontogenic keratocyst of maxilla an interesting case report

Clinical details:

16 year old boy presented with swelling over middle of chin - 1 year duration.

Progressively enlarging in size

No loosening of tooth

On examination:


Clinical photograph of the patient

Patient had a prominent chin. On palpation the mass was globular and was variable in consistency ranging from bony hard to fluctuant mass.


Figure showing intraoral view of the mass



Coronal CT showing cystic lesion involving the mandible


Axial CT showing cystic lesion involving mandible


Under General anesthesia transoral resection of the mass was done. Mucosa over the inner wall of the mandible was incised to expose the mass. The thinned out bone was removed. Cyst was excised and cheesy material was scooped out. Cyst wall was removed from the cavity present between the inner and outer walls of maxilla. Wound was closed with catgut.

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