Supralaryngeal cyst

An interesting case report of supralaryngeal cyst


75 years old female came with complaints of difficulty in breathing - 1 year

She gave no h/o of change in voice / difficulty in swallowing.

On examination:

Patient was in mild stridor.

Videolaryngoscopy showed:

CT scan showed:

This patient has a huge cyst attached to the left aryepiglottic fold.


Laryngeal cysts are of two types true cysts and pseudocysts.
True cysts are lined by secretary type of epithelium. Pseudocysts are formed by degeneration of simple benign tumors.
True cysts may be congenital / acquired in nature. Cysts involving larynx are common in infants and teens. It is rather
rare in elderly. Retention cysts involving the larynx are common in adults. Retention cysts are caused by inflammatory
obstruction to mucous gland ducts causing retention of secretion and enlargement.
Large cysts may extend through the thyrohyoid membrane and present itself as a neck swelling.

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